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Hi everyone, it’s K!

Ori was sick this weekend and couldn’t write the blog, so I decided to write something for her and she will translate it soon!


If there is one thing I can say helped our relationship stay strong for 3 years I would say that it is the rules we create together.

These rules are based on what is best for the relationship and for each other.

Each couple will have different rules but I think these are a few that should be generally accepted in all relationships.

Rule #1 – Never sleep with bad feelings.

Arguments will always happen in a relationship and sometimes, actually most times, they will be at very inconvenient times. Very often we would get into an argument while we are tired and just want to sleep.

It is very unhealthy to sleep on these issues and ignore them, I never want to sleep while upset with Ori, so we set a rule never to sleep while upset and always solve our problem and NAKANAORI SURU.


Rule #2 – Remember special moments when together

When Ori and I finally meet, we get too excited and rush to do as many things as possible with the little time we have but as soon as we separate, we barely remember all the sweet moments that passed, so Ori and I set a rule!

When you feel like there is a special moment say out loud ‘Let’s remember this moment’ and try to enjoy it as much as possible.

Of course, over the course of our long relationship we will come up with more rules and I recommend you do the same.

The rules are a way to keep each other on track and make sure you are each being equal and fair to each other.

Thank you for reading!